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The Need

Sydney is growing rapidly with around 100,000 new residents each year. As the population booms, young workers and families are moving back into the inner city. This shift is creating pressure on housing and local schools.

For young families in the inner suburbs, education options are limited to crowded public schools, elite private schools or home schooling. There are currently no affordable Christian education options within 12 km of the city centre.

We believe there is an opportunity to establish an affordable Christian school to serve current and future inner city families.

The Opportunity

The NSW Government has recognised the growing demands on education and has recently changed planning laws to encourage the establishment of new schools. We want to seize this window of opportunity today to serve future generations.

A suitable location exists in Stanmore which can potentially host a new K-6 school. It is central, close to public transport and has facilities for classrooms, recreation and support services.

Given recent policy changes and the availability of a suitable site, we believe the time is right to pursue this opportunity.

Next Steps

Establishing a new school involves satisfying many regulatory requirements from different government authorities. However, planning and consultation is already well underway with supporting Christian schools, lawyers, architects, town planners and government regulators such as the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA).

The most immediate milestone is the preparation of a Development Application to approve the use of our site as a new school. This is where your partnership and support is needed.

– Please pray for provision of wisdom, resources and doors to be opened.

Please subscribe to updates and share with others who may be interested as supporters, potential students or staff.

Please support financially as $100,000 is now needed to complete the Development Application process within the required timeframe.

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