What is City Christian School?

City Christian School will be an independent, co educational, non selective school initially serving the needs of K-6 students and their families in the inner suburbs of Sydney.

Are there plans for a high school?

We appreciate the high demand for an affordable Christian high school in the inner city, but this is practically more challenging with subject specific teachers required. With strong organic growth in K-6 enrolments, a secondary school becomes more likely and feasible. This has been the proven growth model demonstrated by existing independent schools.

What will the school teach?

We have developed a curriculum with the help of established Christian schools. This will be consistent with NSW Education Standards Authority expectations and will be taught from a Biblical worldview, emphasising truth and grace.

City Christian School will also encourage the pursuit of excellence, diligence and faithful stewardship in academics, the arts, sport and service.

Where will the school be located?

The initial campus of City Christian School will be established at Stanmore Baptist Church, 140 Albany Rd, Stanmore. This site currently has several buildings which may be used for classrooms, recreation and support areas. As the school expands, additional facilities may need to be acquired.

Where will students come from?

City Christian School seeks to primarily serve students from the inner suburbs of the city. This includes a wide area from Strathfield to the CBD, and from the harbour to the airport. This catchment includes the City of Sydney, Inner West, Canada Bay and Bayside councils.

When will enrolments commence?

Enrolments can only commence when City Christian School has been approved and registered by the NSW Education Standard Authority. This is dependant on the Development Application being submitted and approved.

Until then, City Christian School is seeking Expressions of Interest for those who may be interested in future enrolments potentially commencing in 2020.

What has been achieved so far?

Progress to date has included establishment of an independent company to satisfy government requirements and a formal submission to the NSW Education Standards Authority with policies, procedures and curriculum for a new school. We have also conducted preliminary scoping studies with architects, town planners, traffic management and local councils regarding project feasibility.

What’s next?

We are now ready to start the preparation and submission of a Development Application (DA) to secure approval for our proposed site to be used as a school. A DA for a complex project such as a school requires expert reports to address traffic, parking management, building safety, accessibility, compliance, heritage, environmental, architectural and town planning issues.

How much funding is needed?

Initial fundraising support of approximately $100,000 is needed for the Development Application. Any excess funds raised will be used towards other establishment costs of a new school such as classroom equipment and educational resources.

When are the funds needed?

Funds are needed as soon as possible, preferably by end of June 2018. This provides the necessary lead time for preparation and submission of the Development Application (which may take several months) and government review of the DA (may take an additional 6-12 months).

Are donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately, donations are currently not tax deductible. City Christian School is eligible to apply for tax deductible status after it has been formally approved and registered as a school.

Who is involved?

Stanmore Baptist Church (SBC) established City Christian School Ltd as an independent company limited by guarantee (ACN 616 975 841), registered with the Australian Charity and Not for Profit Commission (Charity ABN 49 616 975 841) and has a charitable fundraising license from NSW Department of Fair Trading (CFN/24817).

City Christian School Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors initially appointed from the SBC leadership group. The Board is led by Dr. Michael Prodigalidad (PhD, MBA, BSc), who has experience in business, medical research and currently serves as Pastor of SBC.

The Board is also supported by an Advisory Group including experienced Christian educators including Mr. William Rusin (Principal, Covenant Christian School), Mr. Brett Hartley (Principal, Shire Christian School) and Dr. Peter Barnes (Minister, Revesby Presbyterian Church and former Chairman/Founder, Nambucca Valley Christian School).

How can I support City Christian School?
  • Please pray for provision of wisdom, resources and doors to be opened.
  • Please subscribe to updates and share with others who may be interested as supporters, potential students or staff.
  • Please support financially as $100,000 is now needed to complete the Development Application process within the required timeframe.
How can I get more information?

We are planning an Information Evening in early July for those who have additional questions or comments. Please subscribe to our email list so we can send you details as they are finalised. Alternatively, please email your questions to info@city.org.au or call 02 9572 9389.